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Our pet health club is a monthly direct debit scheme which has been designed to allow you to BUDGET FOR THE BEST PREVENTATIVE HEALTH CARE. The products used are decided by our vets and what they choose for their pets. Ensuring your pet is fully vaccinated and protected against parasites helps protect them and your family - all of the routine healthcare needs are taken care of so you can get on with everything else. You also receive free nurse consultations, and many other REAL discounts. We even send you personalised reminder texts when your pet is due a treatment - great for busy families!


It is NOT a replacement for pet insurance and does not cover non-routine consulations, procedures or medications.


From only £7.80 a month for rabbits, and saves owners up to 65% off the normal cost. It is a win win for everyone!


The Pet Health Club is available for dogs, cats and rabbits. If you are interested in joining the Pet Health Club, please download a leaflet for more information and call or pop in to see us. Click below:

Crown Vets Pet Health Club

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